Discover our mineral matrix

Mineral matrix composite material characterized by its fire resistance, mechanics strength, its potential for industrialization in 2D and 3D and with cosmetic  qualities (color, look and treatment). Fully modular in its formula, the composite Dragonskal is oil free and releases no VOCs. The fire resistance is its major asset, certificated A1/M0.

Dragonskal is the result of  the history and the business strategy of MIHB. This is the first step of diversification to limit oil 's dependency and to emphasize the local enterprising. Dragonskal is characterized by a modular matrix. You can directly use the final product or co-design the solution that meets your requirements.

Find out more information about Dragonskal visiting its dedicated website : www.dragonskal.com

Few examples: : building trade, urban infrastructure, tunnels, refurbishment, technical equipment, marine plant ...