Commitment spirit


Leading for excellence

Through its teams, their unity and their involvement, MIHB is involved in technical and cosmetics parts producion.

Constant questioning, evaluation and continuous improvement motivate us in the pursuit of excellence.

Focus on the futur

"The best way to predict the future is to create it" said Peter Drucker. So we naturally invest in research and development.

Our teams are sensitive to observing, listening technologies, observers uses to offer to our customers the future solutions.

MIHB : nos valeurs

A men story


Technologies and materials are nothing without expertise, knowledge and passions of Men and Women.

For this reason, the relay towards youth, job creation, the attractiveness of our business, coaching for performance, well-being and safety of our teams are more than MIHB priorities. These ideas and principles feed our values.

Beyond words, the welcome of many apprentices, training plans, support of athletes (Florian Schäfer in Triathlon, teams of USO Rugby and JL Bourg Basket, the young freerider Illona Carlod and Philippe Croizon in his incredible adventure of the Dakar 2017), creation of jobs, frequent meetings (meals, seminars, gatherings), internal information media or even a few days "intentions" (free coffee, pastries, etc.) illustrate our will to register Men and Women at the heart of our values.