MIHB constantly adapts itself


Our plastic business is definitely turned towards the future and innovation. Through our teams, many projects are emerging and MIHB constantly adapt itself. Thanks to its specialization in the co-design and the manufacture of high tech plastic solutions, by technical parts and sets, the company controls for many years a large number of advanced techniques such as precision injection, multi-injection, overmolding, In Mold Assembly, In Mold Forming or plastic extrusion. By growing daily its inventiveness, the company is organized in working with a broad business spectrum to offer a transversal offer to our customers.


The fulfillment of our teams is at the heart of our concerns and that's why we work daily to improve their working conditions and facilitate communication within the company. Many tools allow us to communicate together, to listen to the suggestions of each person and build our projects and strategic priorities collaboratively. Thus, our teams will feel more fulfilled at work and involved in the development of the company.