Discover our mineral matrix

Mineral composite for fire protection

Dragonskal is a 100% mineral matrix composite, dedicated to fire protection (A1/0  certificated and EI60 - EI 120 in progress).


Dragonskal is an innovative product, for it is a solution with great results in fire resistance. It comes in a wide range of finishes (color, texture, aspect, treatment), and adapts to mechanic resistance and thickness.


Today, Dragonskal comes in different sizes of flameproof and fire insulation panels: large size (130 x 240 cm), panel size (20 x 20 cm, 20 x 40 cm, 30 x 70 cm, etc), with a thickness from 1 to 40 mm, depending on the features and applications wanted.


Dedicated to the protection of goods and persons regarding fire resistance, Dragonskal is a solution for the construction and rehabilitation industries. It also has several other scopes, such as the aeronautics, maritime and railways sectors.


Dragonskal has several application fields, for underground constructions, urban infrastructures, partition walls rehabilitation, ventilation ducting, technical layers into a system etc.


Dragonskal is the result of the story and a business strategy, supported by MIHB (plastics processing company). It is the expression of a diversification in materials processing. It aims to limit our oil dependence and to assert our desire to revive the french know-how.


Feel free to use the various forms of Dragonskal, or to conceive the tailored solution that will meet your needs.


Mineral composite for fire protection