MIHB's jobs and professions

Manufacturer of plastic parts with high added value, MIHB built its development on its expertise and know-how but above all on his talents. Many trades intersect and combine to meet the requirements of our customers and support our ambitions.
Through the development of its expertise, the company is positioning itself more and more in the development of projects from the start to the end.

Thus, the company recruits professionals with varied profiles, from the Research and Innovation Service to management, through logistics or production or to more logistical trades until the transmission of the products, which are designed internally.


Browse the categories below trade and dive into an amazing human dynamics:

In order to never stop the activity of production and assembly, everything starts into the logistic part of the firm.

Warehouse and forklift manage supplies of finished or semi-finished products and stocks of core material, that is to say everything that goes in and out of MIHB.

Men and Women of solutions, they are responsible for shipping our products worldwide and they adapt themselves to the constraints and habits of each one of our customer.
Thanks to different measuring tools, metrologists ensure the conformity of produced parts.

When you are a designer and manufacturer of plastic parts with high added value, there is obviously no place for approximation. Here, dimensions are controlled (up to 450 for a part), we test the waterproofing and insulation and the parts are mistreated to ensure MIHB's quality.
Always moving, production and assembly continue to evolve through the technologies and challenges.

Adjusters assemblers and technicians ensure the production, the manufacture of plastic products and ensure the proper functioning of presses and molds (with the permanent help of maintenance department).

In the dynamics traced by their team leaders and the procedures laid down by the service "Trials," Men and Women in the company ensure the reliability of our achievements.
Thereafter, the mould maker mechanic ensures the smooth operation and repairs on the molds into the workshop.

The service technician manages efficiency of the injection presses. Robotics and automation optimize the entire operation, in the control as in the production or assembly.

All those services optimize productivity, contribute to our innovation process and accompany our teams towards excellence.
Man of field, of solution and of trading, our sales teams make sure to transform your projects to success. Understanding your needs, co-solution design or coordination of teams around your specifications, this business division is working to give life to products. Accompanied by the business managers, the team builds the proposals, develops schedules and tracks your productions.

The teams are both, the contact point to validate the project characteristics (price, time, achievements, services, etc.), the interface between customers and MIHB technicians, and our ambassadors to promote our expertise and initiate new collaborations.
Many skills, less visible, are accompanying production teams and are facilitating the development of our business and our achievements.

- Thus, the accounting department is responsible for managing all incoming and outgoing financial flows into the company as well as producing mandatory accounting documents. It is responsible for relations with customers, suppliers and banks and tax authorities.

- The HR and HSE department develops and attracts new talent and coordinates the life of Men and Women into the company, with particular attention to everything related to the security of all and respect for the environment.

- Our marketing department is working on market knowledge, on the upgrading of our expertise and on the important relationship between our teams and different audiences (schools, customers, prospects, suppliers, local actors, etc.).

- The IT department manages the entire information system within the society including databases, networks and messaging.

- The sales, purchases and planning department orchestrates the presence of plastic materials within MIHB in order to have the least amount of inventory while never reaching over matter.
Men and women in the Research and Innovation scan trends, test new solutions, create with the 3D printer and play with design or rheology software. They are the fuel that feeds the MIHB vessel in its evolution towards the future.

Close to all the teams, this department is involved into developments for our customers and into the creation of our responses to the challenges expressed.