Fakuma 2023


 A Sandwich Application for Circular economy
on a fully automated process showcased at Fakuma 2023,
a partnership between MIHB SASU and BILLION SAS.

MIHB has developed and designed a complete process implementing 3K injection, Sandwich and overmolding Processes, as well as IML technologies, to showcase this process produced on a BILLION 200 T. All-Electric twin-shot IMM from new generation SELECT².
Sandwich process allows for one part to have a skin material different from the core material. In order to keep a good surface finish of the part, virgin material is used for the outer part. Recycled or bio-based resins are implemented for core material, benefiting circular economy. In this particular demonstration, the Recycled PP core material amounts to 40 % of the part.

Sandwich process steps

2 injection units bring both materials together: The virgin material is first injected in the mould, covering the outer side of the part. The second material is injected in the middle of the part, and finally the mould is closed with a second injection of the first virgin material.

The third material, injected via BILLION Plug&Play injection unit, is a TPE material base polyolefin overmolded on the racket handle, bringing soft touch and easy grip properties.

Mastered by MIHB the In Mold Labelling technology completes the process. The advantages in production are numerous: No more adhesive label with risk of damage, long-lasting solution, high quality decoration integrated in the part.

Designed by MIHB for this specific process a 100 % automated process with multi-function robot: in mold labelling, part transfer from one cavity to the other, and final part extraction are made by robot. An optimal configuration of waste reduction and a finished part for each production cycle!

This project has been made possible thanks to the partnership of MIHB X BILLION as well as:

MIHB : Plastics processor

BILLION : Designs and manufactures plastics injection molding machines

Groupe ZEDES : Realization of the study and the injection mold

YUDO : Realization and supply of the hot runner with filling for the injection of the handle skin in the 2nd molding

Groupe SEPRO : Study, realization and adjustment of the robotization and the film distribution system, deposit in the mold and manipulation of the injected parts

Biesterfeld : Supply of the injection raw materials (100% regenerated for core material, skin material, elastomeric material for the handle)

TOSAF : Color development and supply of masterbatches and mass-tinted compounds

Jers : Production and supply of the IML films printed and cut decorations

Martiplast : Supply of peripheral equipment: 1 granulator, Grinders, 1 Moretto dryer, 1 Moretto volumetric feeder, 2 chargers