Our achievements

Thanks to its knowledge, to the mastering of several plastic transformation technologies and to  constant researches in plastic innovation, MIHB’s specialists provide a wide range technic thermoplastic pieces.

Our teams use their transversal skills to meet the needs of various industries (in particular automotive, home automation, cosmetic and many other industries) which have their own constraints and issues. We provide new plastic solutions through a comprehensive approach (conception, tooling creation, rheology, metrology, control and automation, logistic).

We divided our production in four categories, in order to meet your expectations in the best possible way.

Fluid management

Fluid management in the automotive industry is an important stake, due to the various gas and liquids in our vehicles.

Connector, dropper, tank, are some parts with important technical requirements, and plastic processing provides solutions. Mastering technologies such as multi-injection, blow molding injection, extrusion, components overmolding, and knowledge thermoplastics allow us to meet your needs in performance, functionality and productivity.

Motion transmission system

Discover the making of plastic gears in single, 2K, 3K or 4K injection.

Browse our realizations, where the plastic processing enables new solutions (weight, resistance, acoustic, etc) in your systems in particular in automotive and home automation industries. Our expertise in assembly (manual, semi-automatic or full automatic) provide answers to your issues, in the conception and the realization of a geared motor for instance.

Remote control

As a leading player in the automotive plastic market, we are used to the demanding constraints of the automotive industry.

We master the stakes of aspect, sealing, process and assembly. We expand our skills in other control systems, such as the ones used in home automation.

Cosmetic parts

Your products quality comes through our expertise to create thermoplastic parts with a good looking and irreproachable aspect.

Using different technologies (multi-injection, blow molding injection, extrusion, components overmolding etc) knowledge thermoplastic materials, and our expertise in the decorative field allow us to meet your needs. Dedicated to the automotive industry (ceiling, pictograms, keys), to the packaging (bottles) or the cosmetic (cap, bottles), our plastic parts enhance your brand.


Our teams study and accompany you on your needs.