Our competitiveness as a plastics industry company is due to our ability to master, anticipate and create thermoplastic transformation technologies. We need to propose you our expertise and assert our services to offer you more than a price: added value and solutions. Our know-how is very required and serves sectors such as automotive, home automation, cosmetic and many other industries. 

Precursors in bi material injection since 1976, our production teams now master tri and quadri material injection, air-blown injection, IMA, IMF and inserts overmolding. The assembly parts and plastic sets solutions are a part of our expertise.

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Our teams master the technologies of single, bi, tri ou quadri material injection, from co-design to the tools conception and to the production.

We support you in creating infinite combinations of thermoplastic materials (function, cost, characteristic) that will ensure the quality of your plastic productions (plastic gears, connectors, pictograms, etc).

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IMA (In Mold Assembly)

This technology aims to put together two hollow elements encapsulated in the mold, during the same cycle.

It brings a lot of performance in the making of technical plastic parts and stands out as a true innovation in materials processing.

Gain performance and freedom .

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IMF (In Mold Forming)

Plastic parts decoration is becoming a leading issue.

The IMF consists in positioning a technical or decorative foil into the mold, allowing to enrich the plastic part during its injection molding cycle.

Formerly called IML (In Mold Labelling), this technology has a great potential.

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Inserts overmolding

The mastering of the overmolding of a functional element during the injection of a plastic part brings a lot of added value in the making of plastic parts.

Conception, tooling (injection molds), automation, mastery of process and plastic materials knowledge are the key to this expertise.

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We do not only manufacture plastic parts, we also bring solutions.

Our teams also design and create manual assembly solutions, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

Our skills in process and automations allow us to create « spe machines », meeting your needs and issues.

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The making of an extrusion line in our plastics processing workshop over the last few years is a real benefit for our plasturgist knowledge.

Thus, for instance, we create one packaging component distributed worldwide