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MIHB at home

[📢MIHB at home] 🤔 Who has never had to answer the questions “Dad, what’s your job?” “, “Mom where do you work? », « How

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Special DAY – March 8, 2023

📅 [Special Day – March 8, 2023] 🌺 Women also have their place in the plastic Industry! Production Agent, Line Driver, Purchaser, Sales Representative, Accounting

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🎬 4L Trophy Morocco [February 20-26, 2023] 🎓 MIHB accompanies 2 students involved in the 2023 4L Trophy Rally dedicated to the 18-28 year olds!🌍Delivering school

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MIHB Salon K2022

[📢 MIHB next show: K2022] 📆 Save the date October 19-26, K2022 is back! Come visit, MIHB Team will be there to welcome you on

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