📢 [MIHB News – Spring 2023] On March 31, 2023, the MIHB Staff Meeting was moderated by the Management. 👨‍💼 A unique opportunity to bring all staff together under one roof and to discuss with teams about the company’s results and insights. 👏 A good moment of conviviality between colleagues 🎉 sharing MIHB values. #mihb …

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📅 [LAST MINUTE] On Your Marks… Get set…? 🏃‍♂️That’s it, they’re registered! The Groissiatis are ready! A MIHB team asked to register for the AEPV inter-company sports challenge which will take place on Saturday May 13 at 2.30 p.m. in Nantua. Good Luck & Have Fun 👏Come support!!!

MIHB at home

[📢MIHB at home] 🤔 Who has never had to answer the questions “Dad, what’s your job?” “, “Mom where do you work? », « How is your factory ?»… In order to respond concretely to children’s questions, MIHB has opened its doors to the families of all employees to allow them to discover the trades …

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🎬 4L Trophy Morocco [February 20-26, 2023] 🎓 MIHB accompanies 2 students involved in the 2023 4L Trophy Rally dedicated to the 18-28 year olds!🌍Delivering school supplies and participating in the school construction project is the solidarity mission of all participants.🚗We wish them good luck for this great challenge! 👏

MIHB Salon K2022

[📢 MIHB next show: K2022] 📆 Save the date October 19-26, K2022 is back! Come visit, MIHB Team will be there to welcome you on booth 15B24 Hall 15♻️ Invested in sustainability, MIHB will showcase its expertise in combining bio-sourced, biodegradable and sustainable materials with multi-injection and inserts overmolding LIVE on the booth,✨ Stay a …

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